NMHU Geology

Sindy Lauricella is a masters student at New Mexico Highlands University studying Natural Science with a concentration in Geology. She has been involved in a wide range of environmental science and geophysics studies throughout her college career. Sindy has participated in two IRES expeditions and in multiple Natural Science conferences presenting her master’s thesis that focuses on magma emplacement characteristics and paleomagnetic analysis on a 20 million old volcano in the Czech Republic, granted by her first 2018 IRES opportunity. She has attended two Geological Society of America conferences including the Materials Research Society conference in Boston and Washington, D.C. In 2019, IRES selected Sindy Lauricella to participate as a mentor and field assistant for new upcoming research students. These experiences have encouraged Sindy to become a better geologist and improve her knowledge and passion for her degree all thanks to a once in a lifetime opportunity such as the IRES grant. 

Sindy Lauricella