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 A small team of Media Arts IRES students will apply their skills in documenting the learning process among IRES students/mentors using both still and video cameras. They will capture and disseminate the overall experience of international research including pre-trip planning/packing; the experience of travel; local culture; meetings with local representatives; and details of how/why the geologic research is conducted. 

The International Research Experience for Students takes students from NMHU and participating universities with the opportunity to expand their research skills by working collaboratively with Czech and French geologists. A cohort of 5 students annually will experience international research over the life of the 3-year grant. NMHU’s International Research Experience for Students will use a unique multidisciplinary approach to geologic research that involves field- and laboratory-based transformative research.

International Research Experience for Students

This approach will be used to better understand and challenge long-standing magma emplacement/volcanic construction models. The roof of the volcanic-magmatic system is often considered geologically simple, we hypothesize that the evolution of the feeder system involves multiple, time-transgressive injections with magma transported vertically upward and downward and laterally toward and away from the central vent conduit.

Projected outcomes include the advancement of understanding the anatomy of the volcanic-magmatic-plutonic system, such as magmatic flow patterns, sub-volcanic deformation, mineralization, and the subsurface structure of volcanic-plutonic complexes.