NMHU Geology

                                                  Valeč Rodent Fossil 
We had the opportunity to interview a professor of Paleontology from Charles University in Prague, CZ. In this video he talks about a rodent fossil that was discovered near Valeč, Czech Republic. The discovery of this fossil changed the face of paleontology. This video by Jake Erickson was played for the 100 year anniversary of the Czech Geological Survey, is housed in the Museum Karlovy Vary, and is also at the museum located in Valeč (where the fossil was discovered). 

                                               Bohemian Glass Work
While in the Czech Republic, during the beginning of our trip, we got to visit two glass blowing studios. One place was strictly glass blowing, the other was a mix between a restaurant and glass studio. Terence Garcia and Jacob Erickson also got to blow their own glass. Both of the locations are around Nový Bor, Czech Republic. This video by Jake Erickson illustrates the process behind this artwork. 

Anatomy of Volcanic-Magmatic-Plutonic Systems

For years, scientists thought volcanoes erupted primarily from the top through a single, central, feeder conduit. With the use of new technology, NMHU geology students are generating data that shows how volcanoes also erupt laterally – not just vertically – in eruptions that are sometimes more destructive. This video by Terence Garcia documents the process involved in this type of  research. 

2018 Videos

                                             Krasny Vrch Biodiversity 
One of the points captured via photography and video was the biodiversity at the field site. During an afternoon Jacob and Terence took Hanza (museum curator at Museum Karlovy Vary) out to the field site for an interview about the life that is present there. This video by Jake Erickson will be used, in part, for a defense to the government about protecting and regulating the land at Krasny Vrch.