NMHU Geology

On top of conducting field research the students had opportunities to visit the city of Prague and popular historical sites in southern Poland based on suggestions from our international colleagues. Some of the places the students visited are The Museum of Communism, The Museum of Technology in Prague, Książ Castle in Poland and many other sites that have been documented by the media team.  The sites gave the media and geology students a deep insight into the history and culture of the Czech Republic and Poland. Experiencing local art, food and customs in addition to complex scientific field work  is part of what makes this grant so unique and important to those involved. 

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In 2022 the International Research Experience for Students (IRES) funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) included two undergraduate students (one fine arts, one geology) , a geology graduate student, a media arts mentor, and a geology professor. These five travelled to the Czech Republic and Poland for six weeks to investigate and document multiple sites of geologic interest. This group conducted field work such as drilling core samples, sketching, and field mapping using geophysical instruments.

The field sites included multiple quarries along the Czech and Polish border, of extinct andesitic volcanic complexes. The main area of study was located at Vinařická hora, a quarried volcanic system that was also the focus of the 2019 IRES expedition.

As the focus of NMHU graduate student Luke Romero’s master’s project, it was important to revisit the site after initially field and laboratory analysis initiated in 2019.  As well as engaging in the geological side of this trip, participants also engaged in the culture of the many communities visited throughout the trip.