Mike Petronis

Petronis is Professor of geology and has extensive expertise in paleomagnetism, volcanology, rock-magnetism, and geologic mapping. He maintains a strong field-based research program involving several graduate and undergraduate students. He has conducted field AMS and paleomagnetic investigations in NW Scotland and Ireland, Precambrian paleomagnetic studies in the high-Arctic of Svalbard, Norway, and China, volcanic studies in the Chaîne des Puys, France, Czech Republic, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, California, and Utah. He brings over 15 years experience in rock and paleomagnetism and the application of the AMS technique. He maintains a state-of-the-art paleomagnetic-rock magnetism laboratory at NMHU and has all required field equipment for sample collection. He has a proven record of mentoring both undergraduate and graduate students and has published several papers with students.

NMHU Geology