NMHU Geology

Paleomagnetism  lab

Model TD-48-SC Thermal Demagnetizer

​Megnetical Shielde 

a dynamic 15.6 m3 magnetically shielded low-field room (Magnetic Measurements Ltd.).

D-Tech Modle D-2000 

Alternating field demagnetizer with ARM/PARM capbilities

Model TD-48-SC Thermal Demagnetizer

JR-6A Spinner Megnetometer

This piece of equipment measures remanent magnetization of rocks. It has two rotation speeds which are high and low. High speed is used for maximum sensitivity to be reached, and the lower speed is used to measure soft sediment specimens. The equipment operates by rotating a rock specimen at a constant angular speed in the specimen holder which is inside a pair of Helmholtz coils.

ASC Model IM-10-30 Impluse Magnet 

Two In-house built static impulse 1 to 3 Tesla megnets