Geology Photos, Czech Republic 2019

"Being surrounded by different yet like minded people working on the same project is quite the experience. Personally, I think we all mesh quite well, which makes for a good trip. Though we all have different professional backgrounds, our knowledge collectively adds up to make this experience enormously beneficial. I've really come to not only broaden my own knowledge within my field of study, but gain a liking and basic understanding for a world where I know little about...that being geology. I'm a guy who likes hikes, who likes being out in nature, and now with some time spent working alongside professional and student geologists - from not only the US but from outside of it - I can now take what knowledge I've gained and apply it to my nature adventures. For example, instead of looking at a rock structure and thinking it's cool and moving I want to spent time around rocks, toss ideas back and forth, and try to understand my world a little better."  - Jacob Erickson 

"The purpose of my work was to serve as a mentor to students participating in the international research project. I helped undergraduate student, Luke Romero on his master's thesis. My work was to guide him through the process of geologic expedition research  and try my best to provide him with any advice or side work that can help him expand his research.  Back in the lab I also assist him in our paleomagnetics as soon as we can, to begin comparing his data and testing his hypothesis." - Sindy Lauricella 

"Through out the entirety of this internship I found myself marveling at new cultural experiences and new (to me) geological terms and processes. Upon returning from this experience, the true value of the internship comes into focus. Being able to visit and immerse yourself in a totally different and  new cultural and social setting really changes and helps open up your mind and eyes to what it means to be a global citizen. I was able to return home with a new sense of being and the knowledge needed to complete two theses."- Luke Romero

"Despite all the cool museums we visited and all the interesting sights we got to see in Prague, the main reason we are here is document the geology research being done by the NMHU students.  The majority of the work we did this year was out in the field site recording the science and processes involved with this type of work. The most challenging aspect of the entire project is probably the amount of hiking that needs to be done in the hot and humid climate. Despite the heat and hiking, it’s an awesome project to be a part of. The most exciting part of this project to me is the fact that there are several students from two different departments working toward a common goal – the pursuit of knowledge. The combination of field work, learning new things, cultural opportunities and experiencing all the country has to offer is what education is all about." - Terence Garcia 

Students Thoughts