Museum of Communism

The museum of communism was one of the most impactful experience the students had while they were in Europe. The museum covers the entire history of the country while it was under communist rule. Not only did the students learn more about the history of the Czech Republic, they also left with a great great sense of appreciation for their experiences in Europe.

Project Reise, Poland

This destination was one of the most emotional experiences the students had during their entire trip. Project Reise is a series of tunnels that were used by Nazis for unknown reasons during the second world war. As the Nazis were being pushed back to Germany they collapsed many of the caves with jewish workers still inside. 

Museum of Senses

WeOf all the museums the students were lucky enough to visit, this one may have been the most unique. The exhibits and installations in this museum were designed to be interactive and engage the five senses. Since the media arts students work on projects that are designed to engage the senses it was especially exciting and informative for them. 

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Karel Zeman Museum

The Na-Film museum located in downtown Prague covers the work of filmmaker Karel Zeman, who was know for his work in special effects and forced perspectives. Actual film props, wardrobes and camera equipment were displayed at the museum. The museum This was another exciting destination for the media arts and geology students. 

Książ Castle, Poland

We A trip to Europe would not be complete without visiting at least one castle, luckily the students were able to visit one of the most historical castles in Poland. Located in the southern part of the country, the castle is one of the more stunning structures the students saw in Poland. The castle has a history of royalty, culture and even Nazi occupation.

Geology Videos

Geopark Broumovsko 

This geo-ark is located in the north eastern region of the Czech Republic and is home to some of the most impressive geological formations that the geology and media arts students have ever seen. The development of these unique rock formations began when a shallow sea entered this area during the Cretaceous period (100 million years ago). A thick layer of loose sand grains settled beneath the bed where pressure from the water and chemical processes cemented and formed sandstone rock. During the Cenozoic era (66 million years ago), this shallow sea faded down and with erosion, frost wedging and mechanical weathering processes including tectonic movements the sea bed was left with many broken rock slabs and later created these extraordinary sandstone maze trails and the most breathtaking landmarks these geology and media arts students were able to experience. 

Museum of Slaný

​For the majority of the trip the students stayed in a small town outside of Prague called Slaný, which translates to salt. When the students visited the museum there was a bit of a language barrier due to no english options, but this made the experience much more interesting for the students. Despite the language barrier the students were still able to learn about the local history, 

Na-Film Museum

The Na-Film museum is an interactive museum designed by graduate students from Charles University. While visiting the museums the students were able to create animations, add self made audio effects to old movies and learn about the processes of filmmaking. The museum was a treat for the media arts students and a learning experience for the geology student. 

Museum of Technology

The Museum of Technology is located in the center of Prague and contains a massive collection of items. Everything from automobiles, to mining technology and modern kitchen appliances can be found in the museum. After one day at the museum the students were amazed with the technological and scientific discoveries that were invented or innovated upon in the museum. 

Museums and Cultural Sites